Friday, May 25, 2007

A Conspiracy of Silence!

I have emailed dozens of members of the Polish Senate, the President of Poland, and all the town officials of Radziejow. Except for one email, from someone that didn't know that the subject matter was Jewish property, I have had zero responses. This can lead one to the logical conclusion that Poland in general, and Radziejow in particular, refuses to take responsibility for the sins of their fathers. I assume that the sins of their fathers because most of them were too young to be a party to the original theft of Jewish property. The children are now reaping the benefits of the hard work of Jews that had their property stolen by the current citizens of Radziejow's uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, and grandparents. It is a shameful situation.

Perhaps, some of the residents living in stolen Jewish houses and utilizing stolen Jewish buildings, can somehow rationalize the situation by thinking that one cannot return property to someone that is not demanding it back. Even if they wanted to return the property there is no one to receive it.

This rationalization does not work in the case of Ben Neuman's building. The Neumans have proven ownership. The Neumans have demanded the property back. The Estate of Ben Neuman expects that an honest civilized government would enforce Ben Neuman's rights. Instead all in Poland are silent. All in Poland are hoping that by maintaining a conspiracy of silence eventually the Neumans will become silent like the Poles.

I must remind Poles and particularly the citizens of Radziejow that Jews never forget. In fact many of our holidays focus on our past oppressors. Haman and Pharoh to name a few. The Neumans will never forget. What was taken from us was not just our property but our families. We have wrongly been deprived of celebrating countless bithday parties, weddings, bar mitzahs, picnics, developing family love, and enjoying the fruits of family friendship. All stolen from us by the Nazis and their Polish helpers. The only way we can honor those that were murdered is by reminding the oppressors that their sins will always be remembered. The only way those in Poland that consider themselves honorable and true is to rectify the wrongs in any manner made available to them.

The Neuman's do not have the power to place the sins of the fathers onto the children. But the Almighty can and does! What the Neumans can do is demand what is rightfully ours and expect that people that claim decency and civil rights to all men, honor the just demands of the Neumans.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Speculating on What Happened After the Jews of Radziejow Were Murdered.

The question must be asked what did the citizens of Radziejow do after their neighbors, the Jews, were forced into the Church, a place where the vast majority of the Jews of Radziejow had never stepped foot in, then, in turn, physically forced into the Nazi trucks to be murdered? I have no information. I do know there were no protests. There was no effort to save the Jews? Not one thing was done to stop the murder. Perhaps, the citizens of Radziejow were scared. That is not laudable but possibly understandable. As civilized humans we would hope that neighbors would do what was right, even if it meant danger to oneself and one's family.

We do know there were many Poles who hated the Jews. That there were many Poles that helped the Nazis in this dirty work of abusing and facilitating the murder of Jews .

I do not blame all the citizens of Radziejow for these antisemites. Ironically, once the Jews were exterminated, the haters in your community, most logically, turned their evil on other parts of the community, to the detriment of Radziejow. Evil men do not stop until good people force them to behave in a civilized manner.

What I don't understand is why the property of the Jews, both real and personal, was not held in trust for the victims and their relatives. This website contains all the evidence necessary for the citizens of Radziejow to begin the process of returning Ben Neuman's property to his heirs. Thus far, it appears that the town officials have no intention of returning the stolen property. The only way Radziejow can move forward as a civilized community is to correct the wrongs of the past.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What would the Neumans do with the building if it was justly returned?

Many people have asked me what I would do with the building if the citizens of Radziejow did what was right and returned the building. I can speak only for myself and not the other rightful heirs of the property.

Speaking for myself, I would like to take a portion of my share of the revenues and give it to the families that actually helped my father during the Holocaust.

My father spent close to two years hiding in haystacks, sleeping in barns, hiding in the woods, trying to stay alive. He was running for his life from Nazis and Poles seeking a reward for turning in a helpless Jew.

But not all citizens of Radziejow behaved in such a cruel and barbaric way. A number of peasants and poor shoemaker families that lived in the area actually gave my father food to survive. These people endangered their lives and the lives of their families to give my father a bite to eat.

Near the end of the war, my father lost all hope, he was about to surrender to the Nazis and meet his fate like the rest of his family. But one woman, a former public school classmate of my father, told him not to give up. She then put her life in danger by using her family to help place him with a Polish woman married to a German landowner. There, he lived out the rest of the war being fed and hidden by this honorable woman whose husband was German!

Yes, there were some people in Radziejow that have nothing to be ashamed of. They acted as best they could under the Nazi onslaught. These people have a special place in my heart. I cannot express my thanks for their efforts of behaving like humans should. I would like to compensate them and their families with part of the revenues that the building would generate.

I would also like to use the money to help rebuild the Jewish cemetery that was dismantled after the Holocaust. Further, I would like to fund a monument for the approximately 800 Radziejow Jews that were murdered. Those are some things I would do when the citizens of Radziejow do what is right and return the property to the heirs of Ben Neuman's estate.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Radziejow: A town that refuses to return stolen property

What greater injustice is there then when neighbors of a defenseless people facilitate the murder of innocent men, women, and children. Then these so called neigbors continue the tragedy by persecuting, killing, and stealing from those that survived.

That is exactly what the citizens of the town of Radziejow is doing to this very day. There is no justification for their inaction when a legitimate claim is being made in the name of one of the several hundred victims.

Let us look at the validity of the claim. A review of the "proud" history of Radziejow is in order.

The very church where many of the residents of Radziejow pray is the same church that was used as a transit point where Jews were made to wait until the next available Nazi truck was available to place them in.

Within a very short period of time, these Jews were eventually placed in a gas truck. The ride was quite unpleasant. The exhaust pipe of the truck was rerouted to force carbon monoxide into the passenger compartment. The Jews were forced to sit in the passenger compartment and then driven to the crematoria. Upon arrival the Jews were dead. The Jews were murdered by poison gas.

These Jews were neighbors of the Polish residents of Radziejow. What did these Polish neighbors do to stop this? Sadly, they did either nothing or helped facilitate the killers. Is this something to be proud of? Is this something to tell your grandchildren? Women and their babies were brutally murdered and their neighbors did nothing.

Then the next step of these neighbors was to steal the Jewish property. The Germans didn't steal the property, only the "good" polish neighbors thought this was "grab bag time".

Shame on you all. The least you can do is return the property when it is demanded of you. Remember, it never was your property to begin with. If you don't believe me read the deed that is on the website. That deed was issued by a Polish Judge after the war!

After World War II, to make sure the Jew would not return to claim his rightful property, the residents of Radziejow made it known that if a Jew returned he wouldn't live for long.

I can tell you that if my grandparents behaved in such a manner I would do everything to rectify the wrong. I would no longer think of my grandparents as good sweet old people. In fact, I would try to stay away from those evil people that have blood on their hands.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Town that still keeps up the tradition of hating Jews!

There is no doubt that Ben Neuman's property has been stolen and the Poles refuse to give it back. The representative of the Polish Embassy in the United States answer was we don't deal with this, go get a Polish Lawyer. Why doesn't the Polish Government get a lawyer and enforce their own laws to return the Property! This method of pushing off the problem in order to discourage those victims of stolen property must stop. I made every effort to deal with this matter of my father's property being stolen in a civilizied manner. It is now time to expose this injustice.

Please read below the following emails sent to town officials, the Polish embassy, and the Polish media. Almost all my emails to town officials have been completely ignored. One was answered, only to stop all communications after responding to the initial email. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE HOLOCAUST IS BEING CONTINUED IN THIS TOWN. THE ANSWER IS YES!


Subj: Fwd: Assistance in the return of property located in Radziejow, Poland - Ryne...
Date: 5/10/2007
From: Xneumanx

We have been hitting a dead end in trying to recover property in the city of Radziejow. In 1945 the property was awarded back to Mr. Neuman by the responsible polish court. However, when he returned to the town, he was soon informed that of the 18 Jews out of 800 that had returned after the War, all 18 had been killed. The murder was done to prevent them from getting their property back. Needless to say the owner of the Property Rynek 7, Radziejow, Poland had no choice but to flee. The owner died a few years ago leaving the property to his heirs. Justice demands that his property be returned. I am sure that the new generation of Poland does not want to be part of the theft of property. Please assist us in our quest for justice.

Scott Marshall Neuman
Attorney at Law


Re: Assistance in the return of property located in Radziejow, Poland - Rynek...
Date: 5/10/2007 4:06:34 PM
From: Xneumanx

Thank you for your prompt reply. Can you send me a list of attorneys that can assist me in this matter.

Scott Marshall Neuman
Attorney at Law


In a message dated 5/10/2007 2:48:03 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Mr. Neuman,

The matter is beyond the scope of the duties of the Embassy.

Please be advised that heirs of Ben Neuman shall claim their rights to the estate before the Polish Court.

To do so they need to hire an attorney in Poland who will be representing them in court. If Ben Neuman left the testament in which He granted the property in Radziejow for the heirs, the testament will be the most important proof of his will. Otherwise distribution of property will be done by the Law among the surviving members of family.

We can not assist you in that matter furthermore.

Wlodzimierz Sulgostowski
Consular Division of the Embassy


Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007
Subject: Assistance in the return of property located in Radziejow, Poland - Rynek Nr. 7

Mr. Ambassador:

I am the Attorney for the Estate of Ben Neuman. He passed away leaving to his heirs property located in Radziejow, Poland. Apparently, because of fear for his life he was unable to reclaim his property after a judge awarded it back to him after the war. We have been in contact with an official in the city. After providing him with the requested documents, he has cut off communications. There is no doubt that the property belongs to the estate. A great injustice will continue to occur until the property is returned to its heirs. We ask for your assistance in this matter. We can provide any proof you need to facilitate this matter. I can assure you that we will continue pressing our demands for the property as long as necessary. Please contact me as soon as you have information concerning the squatters on our property and when they will be removed.

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Scott Marshall Neuman
Attorney at Law


Subj: New information concerning our property - Rynek Nr. 7, Radziejow, Poland
Date: 5/9/2007
From: Xneumanx

Dear Mr Bzimierz Gorzycki:

As you requested at the bottom of this email is new evidence in our request for the return of our property located in your town. Included, is a birth certificate of the owner of the property along with the deed and judgement awarding the property to him. I have not heard from you in over three weeks. It is necessary that your office cooperate with our efforts in this matter. If it does not then our only recourse will be to alert all government officials in Poland and the news media concerning any effort to prevent the return of this property to the proper heirs. I encourage you to make every possible to facilitate this matter of justice. I am sure that the people of Radziejow and all citizens of Poland, a proud member of NATO, does not want to steal the property of the rightful heirs. We are now collecting letters from former residence of Radziejow. Please reply promptly to this email.

Scott Marshall Neuman
Attorney at Law


Dear Dzimierz Gorzycki:

I have not received a reply to my 4/25/2007 email to you. Do not worry about your English, it is sufficient for this matter. We will be sending you letters in Polish from former residents of Radziejow that will attest to Ben Neuman being Bienka Nejmana the property owner of said address in question. We have additional documentary evidence provided by the then government in Poland returning the property to Mr. Nejmana.

I'm am looking forward to your reply, especially concerning the squatters that are now living on the property.

Scott Marshall Neuman
Attorney at Law


Subj: Fwd: Evidence Pertaining to Stoen Property at Rynek Nr. 7 Radziejow
Date: 4/25/2007
From: Xneumanx

Dear Dzimierz Gorzycki:

Thank you for your prompt reply. What documents would you like us to send you? We can send you the birth certificate of the deceased, the letter of authority from the State of Illinois authorizing this marshalling of assets, video statements by the deceased attesting to his ownership of the building and the reason that he could not take possession. He states that of the 14 Jews that returned to the town immediately following the liberation of Poland and the defeat of Nazi Germany, all 14 were murdered by the town's local residents, thus preventing him and any other Jew from taking possession of their lawfully owned property. We can also send you a letter from a witness attesting to the ownership of the property by the deceased.
Please inform me on the present status of the property including who is residing there and the status of the property.

We would like to immediately take possession of the property so please expedite this process.
Thank you for your assistance.

Scott Marshall Neuman
Attorney at Law


From: W這dzimierz Gorzycki <>
Date: Apr 20, 2007 3:20 PM
Subject: Re: Evidence Pertaining to Stoen Property at Rynek Nr. 7 Radziejow

Dear Sirs!

I've just read youe message to Mr. W這dzimierz Gorzycki about possession in Radziej闚. If you want still evict, you should send to us some of documents:

- number of date set documents
- number possesion
- copy your documents about private own possession
- old pictures of your possesion

Dear Mr Neuman, we don't have The Translate in Public Office in Radziej闚, so will be better if you send this document and message in polish language.

Please forgive me for my english, I still learning.

Waiting for you letter
W這dzimierz Gorzycki