Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Promise Kept to Bear Witness, by Joyce Wagner, Exposes Radziejow

Joyce Wagner, in her definitive work on Radzidjow and the Holocaust, exposes the actions of the Poles during and after the Holocaust. As the Jewish Ghetto in Radziejow was being liquidated the Poles did not just stand by. Some acted out their true antisemetic feelings. "The Woman who had reported us to the Gestapo when we first left the attic (their hiding place) was a single mother with ten children of her own. She had made a living before the war working for Jewish neighbors, and we had helped her and her children. We felt sorry for the children, and they were our playmates. And yet when this woman saw us running for our lives she immediately reported us to the Gestapo." p. 43. Wagner states, "[s]ome Polish people needed an instigator to openly display their feelings, and Hitler was their answer. Some Poles collaborated with the Nazis in the persecution of the Jews." p.45. Wagner goes on to say that she she does not"blame all of the Polish people, just the bad ones." p.45.
The citizens of Radziejow today must choose in which camp do they fall in. The good Poles that "cried with me when they learned of the fate of their Jewish neighbors." p. 45. Or the bad Poles that sided with Hitler during the Holocaust. I believe the grandchildren and great grandchildren of the woman that reported to the Gestapo about the Jews trying to escape the roundup must stand up and right the wrong of their Grandmother or Great Grandmother. These relatives are still living in Radziejow. They must work to right the wrong done by helping to return Ben Neuman's property, Now!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Must Read, A Promise Kept to Bear Witness, A New Book on the Life of Jews in Radziejow During the Holocaust

My Father's first cousin, Joyce Wagner, has written a book entitled, A Promise Kept. In the book she describes Radziejow before and after World War II. The book gives a detailed description of life in the Jewish Ghetto during the Holocaust. She tells of the horrors of liquidation day, when the Jews of Radziejow were rounded up to be sent to the Chelmo Extermination Camp. In her book she tells about those citizens of Radziejow that helped the Jews and those Poles that collaborated with the Nazis to aid in the persecution and slaughter of the Jews. You can purchase the book on Amazon.Com. The site is The book includes several pictures of the Jewish Community of Radziejow before World War II. Joyce Wagner's outstanding behavior during the War is a tribute to the triumph of good over evil!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

No Compensation Legislation in Poland

Poland, a so called democracy, has done everything in its power to avoid paying compensation for property stolen from Jews, now in the hands of some "lucky" Poles. They think they won the lotto when the Germans took the Jews away, leaving all their real and personal property behind. Yes, the Poles want to keep all the stolen property without even giving a thought to those poor victims. These victims were once citizens of Poand, that were tortured, gassed and murdered by the Nazis with the help and complicity of many Poles. Even the leaders of Germany figured out that one must return stolen property. But Poland, a member of NATO, feels it a just thing to keep the stolen property. What is the leaders of Poland thinking? Perhaps they are thinking, "well, it was only the property of Jews!" "Sure they were our neighbors and citizens of our country, but they weren't Christians, so they don't really count." Shame on you. By not facing your own responsibilities, how can you seek justice for your country. Poland, in the eyes of people that want to be on the side of good, will always be considered a backward evil country. The good people of the world will remember how you treated the Jews in the past and now the present. It is time that the leaders of Poland take a good look at themselves in the mirror.