Sunday, July 22, 2007

What happened to the Jews that Returned to Radziejow?

Joyce Wanger, in A Promise Kept, To Bear Witness, describes what happened to her and her fellow Jews when they returned to Radziejow. When she returned to Radziejow she met ten other survivors and they all stayed together in "a Jewish family's big house. None of the people who owned the home survived." p. 107 "We were not welcome in our home town either. Some of the Jewish people of Radziejow were well-off and lived in well built houses with nice furniture. Those who came back to reclaim their properties were not welcomed because those houses were now occupied by Polish people. They thought that now everything belonged to them." p.108 "All the houses where Jewish people lived were now occupied by Polish people." p.109.
"We did not stay too long in Radzijow because the Polish underground, antisemitic groups, tried to kill us survivors. There was a small town nearby called Osieczyny, where a father and son who survived the war were killed."p.108
When my father, Binem Neuman, returned to Radziejow the local court ruled that he was the just and proper owner of the property located at 7 Rynek. This very order is posted on this website. However, my father could not reclaim his building because to do so would mean his death by the hands of the local antisemites. He never abandoned the property, instead he kept the court order as one of his dearest possessions. He believed that one day he would again be allowed to return and reclaim his family's property. Unfortunately, the people of Poland have yet to come to terms with their embarassing history. So my father passed on this responsibility of reclaiming the property to his children.
The Neuman family will not rest until his property is returned. The citizens of Radziejow must correct this unjustice. Justice demands action!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Citizens of Radziejow Removed All Signs of the Village's Jewish Community

Last week I spoke to a daughter of a survivior from Radziejow. She told me of the census list of Jews living in Radziejow in 1940. There were approximately 640 names on the list. She read me the names of many of my relatives. You can see these relatives in the pictures posted on this website.
She visited the city about 7 years ago. While in Poland she had a conversation with a professor teaching in Warsaw that happened to have grown up in Radziejow, This professor was born years after the war. He commented that he had no idea that Jews ever lived in Radziejow. He remarked that there were no signs, buildings, or any monuments concerning the once vibrant Jewish community. What does that say about the citizens of Radziejow? Where is the Jewish cemetery? Where are the two large grave markers that were on my Great Grand Father's and my Grandmother's graves? I have the pictures of these grave markers on the website. Where are all the mizuzot, books, and artifacts of the Jews? Where is the museum dedicated to the remembrance of the murdered Jews of Radziejow? These questions should be asked by honest G-d fearing citizens of Radziejow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Our building does not exist in a vacuum. We have neighbors with businesses right next to our buildng located at 7 Rynek Street, Radziejow, Poland. We ask our fellow business people that work at ZUH Miroslaw Bromberkowski, located right down the street, at 5 Rynek, Radziejow, to tell the people living in our building that they are utilizing stolen property. Just as ZUH wouldn't like that someone would steal their heating equipment and furnaces that they have in stock, the Neumans are very upset when people steal our property. We ask our neighbors, PH IGOR, a clothing store, located at Rynek 8, Radziejow, to tell us about our illegal squatting tenants. They should ask them, "How can one steal the property of people that were tortured and murdered?" We ask the employees at Skok Kjawiak, a financial institution located at 4 Rynek, Radziejow, that they tell the people doing business on our property, that it is morally wrong that they do not pay rent to the Neumans. Yes our neighbors should live up to their responsiblities as moral humans and demand that the Neuman family get their property back, ASAP.