Monday, January 21, 2008

The Good Poles That Saved My Father!

While several polish peasants and poor polish shoemakers helped my father, a few people went that extra mile to save my father.
The first was a woman named Marta. She was a classmate of my father from Grammar School. My father ran into her during the period of time that he had given up all hope and was so distraught that he subconsciously was trying to get caught. He ventured closer and closer to Radziejow and even walked out in public. The problem was no one seemed to care. It was as if he was invisible. But he did run into Marta. Marta gave him hope. She told him that she would find a way to save him. She just needed a few days.
Marta's brother worked for a large German landowner, living just outside Radziejow. Her brother was the groomsman for the wife of the landowner. She was a Polish princess of sorts. The brother knew that the Polish Princess was looking to save a Jew. I will discuss the reasons for this in my upcoming blogs.
In any event, a meeting was arranged by Marta and her brother to meet with father. My father, emaciated, dirty, and with an unkempt beard met with the Polish Princess. What happened with be in my next blog!