Friday, April 25, 2014



         As a result of my website as well as the descendants of the Jewish survivors and their descendants, Radziejow has begun the painful process of examining its past relationship with their fellow citizens that eventually were murdered during the Holocaust.  The town library now has an exhibit displaying artifacts and photographs of the Jews that once lived among them. The library has even held public lectures concerning their once flourishing Jewish community.  Recently a monument has been dedicated to the Radziejow Jews that were murdered by the Nazis during World War Two.  In my opinion, after years of neglect the town has turned the corner and now is making a concerted effort to come to terms with the "ghosts" of the Jews of Radziejow.

Radziejow's Memorial for its Jewish Victims of the Holocaust

Monument found and now on display in Radziejow

Photographs on Display

Headstones on Display
Radziejow World War II Memorial